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Delegate Bagby with VA Scholarship Loan Recipients from VSUVACTE/ATE Virginia

VACTE/ATE Virginia One Voice for Teacher Education

Hosted Day on the Square January 27, 2017

The Summer Board Meeting was held at the Capital Building in House Room #1.


VACTE/ATE Virginia Boards meet with Delegate Jenifer McClellan

Board members had a chance to meet with policy makers and express viewpoints that concern education from Pre-K to Higher education.  Special thanks to Delegate Jennifer McClellan and Holly Coye, Deputy to Secretary Holton.

2016 Day on the Square

2016 Day on the Square


Students are our Best Advocates!

The 2016 VACTE/ATE Virginia Day on the Square was a great day to meet, greet and speak with the policy makers in the General Assembly!

Make sure you make contact with your local legislator
now for the up-coming legislative session.

Day on the Square 2017

AACTE and ATE Virginia One Voice for Education


Thursday January 26, 2017

One Voice for Education

AACTE Sheds Light on Entry Requirements Raised in PDK/Gallup Poll

The 44th annual Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools was recently released, highlighting Americans’ points of agreement and difference on education across the political spectrum. The accompanying report, Public Education in the United States: A Nation Divided, showed split opinions on issues including teacher evaluations and school choice vouchers, as well as shared views on the benefits of the Common Core State Standards confidence in public school teachers.

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