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VACTE provides leadership on issues related to professional education, with primary focus on teacher education and promotes effective public policy regarding professional education, enhances and improves professional education programs at member institutions, and enhances the professional effectiveness of members.

VACTE/ATE-VA Conference and Special Event Information

Day on the Square: A Reception for Legislators

General Assembly Building Room 8 West

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Event Contact: Amie Fulcher

Please make plans to bring your candidates and graduates to Day on The Square 2015 this is your chance to speak directly to the people who make decisions that affect Educator Preparation Programs. Use the link to the RedBook below to find the contact information for the legislators representing your district.

SOL Innovation Committee

While the Committee has made significant progress involving numerous stakeholders across the Commonwealth, Secretary Holton was interested in hearing from the most important stakeholder: students.  That is why The Office of the Secretary of Education will be conducting a Google Hangout with students and educators from six different localities across the state.

Student Google Hangout

October 30, 2014   9:30am – 11:00am

Conference Room 1, Patrick Henry Building

1111 E. Broad St., Richmond VA 23219

If you have any further questions please contact Eric Steigleder at eric.steigleder@governor.virignia.gov.


ATE Virginia/VACTE Spring 2015 Conference: April 16-17 at Roanoke College

VACTE ATE-VA 2014 Fall Conference Program

Capital Connections



Political Action

Virginia Election Results

See how your candidate did and plan for the up coming Day on the Square.

House Bill 725 ABTEL Bill Signed by the Governor

HB 725McClellan – Advisory Board on Teacher Education and Licensure, increases membership. (H) Committee on Education

(S) Committee on Education and Health

Governors Signature


House Bill Background Checks  Tabled in committee

HB 1205Yost – Student teachers; fingerprinting, criminal history records check, and child abuse and neglect data. (H) Committee on Education (H) Stricken from docket by Education 02/05/14


School Board Resolution

2014 VACTE Scholarship


This is a call for nominations for the 2014-15 VACTE scholarships in the amount of $1250.

Nominations will be taken through October 10th. Nominees will have until November 1 to complete online application. The committee will review applications and select up to three winners. The award will be announced in early December with the funds awarded at that time. Recipients will be recognized at the spring meeting.


NOTE:  Your institution must be up-to-date in membership fees in order to submit nominations.


Here are the Nomination Guidelines:


Each VACTE member institution may submit ONE application.  Although each institution must establish its own procedure for identifying that one nominee, they include the criteria listed below.

  1. Nominee must be a student fully admitted to a teacher education program; both graduate and undergraduate admitted education students are eligible for consideration. This is NOT a scholarship for currently licensed teachers enrolled in a graduate program.
  2. Nominee must demonstrate a balanced program in liberal arts and professional education.
  3. Nominee must have prior or current experience in working with children or young people. 4. Nominee must have demonstrated a high level of scholarship in previous studies (a 3.2 GPA or higher).
  4. Nominee must come from an institution that is a member in good standing of VACTE as of the date of award.

Each nomination must be endorsed by the dean or administrator of the teacher education unit (or his/her designee) of the VACTE member institution submitting the nomination.


Nominations are made using an online form. Once we receive your nominations, a follow-up e-mail will be sent to your nominee, asking him/her to complete an online application by November 3rd at the latest. This means that filling out the nomination form in its entirety is extremely important. We will need the information you supply to contact your nominee.

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